Sturdy Washing Machine Stand To Move Your Fridge/Washing Machine & AC Easily

   Durable, Movable And Adjustable

Do you also hate it when your washing machine or fridge leaves marks of rusting? Though rust and corrosion do not impact the functioning of the machine (unless it is intense and long-standing but it does have a telling effect on its outlook. 

A washing machine stand not only gives you the option to move your washing machine around but also provides it ample protection.

The portable washing machine make moving easier with this telescopic furniture dolly! Easily adjust the sturdy stainless steel bars to fit larger furniture. The rubber swivel wheels make moving large, heavy objects around corners a breeze and the rear locking wheels ensure your furniture won’t roll away! It has a maximum weight limit of 500 lbs and is easy to assemble.


Easy to move

Our washing machine stand has 4 strong lifting feet + 4 locking rubber swivel wheels. Stay firm and also is easy to move with swivel wheels, which is convenient for cleaning and reworking. Able to lift washing machines and refrigerators off the ground, effectively avoiding direct contact with the ground. It solves the problem of difficult drainage and cleaning. Besides, it can also keep moisture and humidity away, prevent the washer from rusting and prolong the life of the washer.

Up to 300kg

Using Sturdy stainless steel and resin, it has excellent stability and corrosion resistance. Moreover, with feet and wheels, the load capacity is up to 660lbs/300kg.

Noise reduction and Anti-Vibration

This washing machine stand is easy to assemble. The snap-on design allows one person to complete the installation. Also, it is equipped with black anti-vibration rubber pads, which can prevent slippage, stabilize the washer, reduce the noise, and prevent vibration during the washing and spinning process.

Suitable for Various Small Home Appliances

Suitable for dryer, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, heavy equipment, heavy flower pots and other electric appliances. 

Installation Notes
1. Dock 8 Wheels (with the rod), and then are flat on the floor
2. Put 8 Wheels .
3. Lifting feet installed and then loaded 8 fixed plastic screws
4. The length of the product into the product and the need to place the same
length and width of the product can be.
5. Finally, screw the screw in place, pressure to the bar can be. You’re done

Why Should You Buy It

◆Easily adjust the sturdy stainless steel bar to suit the larger furniture.
◆Maintaining ventilation of the bottom,
◆Effectively reduce the washing machine vibration and noise its maximum weight
◆limit of 650 lbs
◆Ultra-strong rigidness, press resistance
◆Best quality and good material guaranteed

Note: The Grey Color Is Out Of Stock We Only Have The Black Color





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